Cuba bans Sicko

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    In the movie"An American Carol",Kevin Farley plays a film-maker named Michael Malone(we all know its really Moore) hes in Cuba filming his health-care movie,theres a velvet rope outside the hospital for VIPs,people are being executed in the waiting line,and when he gets in his boat to leave,the crowd Yells,"He's going to America"!,and rush the boat,he has to fight 'em off,cuz they all they all want to go with him! When "Sicko" came out,the CNN medical expert was saying that it was innacurate and such,and Moore ,who was on the same show plugging his movie,got mad and started yelling that since CNN had ads for drug companies,of course they would hate his movie. Michael Moore is a lying,far-left,narcissictic,propagandist who needs a good punch in the mouth!