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    Hey all! Wanted to introduce myself on this side of things. I'm Asher and myself along with my parents own Crystal Ridge Distillery. We are a family owned and operated small batch craft distillery located in downtown Hot Springs. Our specialty is "Moonshine" or "White Whiskey" that we produce on site. We have around 12 flavors and 2 unflavored including a 120 proof. We also have 2 bourbons, whiskey and a vodka. Our restaurant and bar has been closed due to the Rona and all of the mandates forced on us but our retail and tours and tastings are still open. We have also been able to produce sanitizer during the shortages. Would love to have anyone from this group come check us out! FB_IMG_1548861132051.jpg IMG_20200904_163256_954.jpg
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    You guys have a nice operation. I came for your soft opening, tasted the full flight more than once. I liked them all except the one that had a single malt Scotch undercurrent, kind of tasted like wet burlap, not to my taste. We toured the distillery rooms. The distillation operation is impressive, sparkling clean and the smell opened up my sinuses instantly. Just the work you did to the building was a huge job. I hope things settle down soon and you can get back to regular business.
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    Thank you! Glad you came by! We have since added a bunch of new flavors to the board and coming out with new seasonals soon. We are in the process of trying to get the restaurant and bar back up and going we are just taking our time. Thank you for the compliments it was a ton of work but we are proud of what we were able to accomplish.
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    It's pumpkin spice season now, not for me, but the rest of the world seems to love it.
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    I will stop by next time I am in town AJ! Do I ask for "AJ Bradley"?
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    Pumpkin spice is next up. Hopefully this week!
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    Ask for Asher! Would love to meet you!
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    Oh that’s @Allenn favorite...
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    What is your brother's name?