Crepe myrtle

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  1. conwayhunter

    conwayhunter Well-Known Member

    I have several that has a fungus. Started out as white powdery on the limbs and leaves not the tree is turning black ? Any ideas ? Thanks
  2. thompson

    thompson Well-Known Member

    Not fungus. A nat droppings that's white. Spray with malithon and get the ground well under it. Clean out old leaves and retreat weekly till late fall.

  3. Lt Gibson

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  4. crappieitis

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    it will take some time to see results but be vigilant and you can whip it....
  5. No-till Boss

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    I am ready to crepe murder mine, the sap is way too bad this year. I haven’t winter trimmed mine in years, BUT this year, they get cut back hard. Sick of the sap.....
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  6. JohnnieWalker

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    Same here. Mine are getting way too hairy. I'm about to get the chainsaw after them before long. The old lady is not going to like it though.
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  7. conwayhunter

    conwayhunter Well-Known Member

    What is Nat droppings ?