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Creek fishing for smallmouth

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Last few years I've been walking creeks chasing smallmouth bass.let me tell you it's some of the funnest fishing I've ever done! You might not catch huge smallies but you can catch ALOT of fish .Does anyone else do this? If so what baits do yall like to use? A white rooster tail with silver blade catches about everything for me or a rebel craw does well.if someone is bored this spring or summer hit up a local creek and catch some fish it's a blast
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4 inch lizards....

Small swim bait minnow


I like slow bouncing creature baits off the bottom in front of them....
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interesting, where did you get that? always wondered why crooked creek was floated butt Janes Creek or maybe Martin creek was not…south fork of the spring river is but other smaller creeks aren’t. The navigable list of rivers was not as broadly defined as this an few years ago…
I've floated both Martin and Janes creeks....
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remington, what sections? Janes is a little bigger but Martin seems like it’s too small above 62?
Creek runs right along Martin Creek Rd....several little bridges to park and wade from hole to hole....
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