Credit Card points, miles, or incentives?

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by biggameted, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. biggameted

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    I have a credit card where i accumulate points that can be used in auctions for buying gift cards to resturants, walmart, gas, ect.. I get a point for every dollar spent. Im in sales but still manage to keep my points down to 5,000 or less a year. If i dont spend these points in a year I lose them and start over. I may have to spend 3,000 point for a $25 gift card. The biggest problem is its an auction and very hard to win anything. I dont need air mile either.
    My question to you guys is this. Do you know of another type credit card like Cabelas or Bass pro that I can use my points for just buying something I want?
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    Almost every one has a card now (bass pro, cabelas, etc). I personally put everything on a Southwest Airlines card to get the free miles. You can also get a citibank card and get 1-2% cash back. In my experience, they are all giving you about 1-2% back, its just up to you on how you want it. I like the flyer miles cause it forces my wife and I to take a little vacation every now and then, some folks like cabelas points cause you get money towards hunting gear.

    Hope this helps

  3. biggameted

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    It does.. Thanks for the input.
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    Guess I should start taking advantage of the credit card points/incentives programs, but after getting stupid with credit cards when I was younger, I'm scared to death of them now. I only have one that gets used very rarely and gets paid off every month.
  5. biggameted

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    Thats was me too. They are easy to get in trouble with. Like you I only have one and I pay mine off every month.
  6. Passthrough

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    They can be tricky- We put everything we can on the card and pay off every month. You really have to watch it to make sure you aren't spending more than you can pay off. Bank of the Ozarks has a free checking account that will pay you rewards just like a credit card. I have that account too and its a good option if you want to stay away from the credit cards
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    I have a personal Chase Sapphire and a business Chase Ink and can combine points from the 2 cards. They never expire and just continue to roll over year after year. You can use on anything, but is great for booking trips because they are worth 20% more through Chase travel website, so $1000.00 worth of points is worth $1200.00 for airline, hotel, rental car, etc. You can trade points for cash or merchandise or gift cards as well.
  8. bmccullough1

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    I use American Express rewards card to pay for business travel expenses. Some purchases get more points per dollar. Hotel gets 1 pt per dollar. I believe fuel gets 3 pts per dollar. Add those points with hotel reward programs and they add up quick. Am ex has a lot of ways to spend points. I recently got WalMart cards with points and bought 2 Moultrie trail cams!!
  9. Mongoose

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    I have a cabela's visa and a discover card. I use them for most every purchase that I make.

    I've never paid interest on either card.
  10. Ktalbertfirefighter

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    We have a state farm credit card we use for all our purchases it gives points that pays our insurance bill couple times a year. And we pay it off monthly so there is no intrest charge
  11. biggameted

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    Thanks for all the info guys. I'm thinking about the Cabelas or Bass pro more than any now. Like most sportsman I have more than I need but if I can get some type of hunting or fishing stuff back free, even to give away later im all for it. It has got to be better than what I have now.
  12. biggameted

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    Just seen your post Ktal. Thats something that really interest me. I have Farm Bureau and they get an easy 3k a year from me. I know they offer a card also and I think I will check into it. Thanks
  13. Only have one cc that hardly ever is used. We should receive points, miles, credits, free stamps, medals and citations for not using one!

    Cost is too high and money is too tight.
  14. jcp

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    We have one , not sure what it is but it pays us 5% back on gas , motels , airlines and online purchases , an 3% on everything else . It goes into a savings account and pays an extra 10% on monthly purchases for having the account . We use it a lot and it's paid off monthly . I got the statement the other day for the savings and was quite surprised .