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    Well, I hit the river this morning and was the second boat there. By the time I had backed my boat down to launch, honestly and no lie, there were at least 6 - 7 vechicles that pulled in at once.:smack: By the time I was pulling out in my boat I guarantee there were at least a dozen vehicles there.....
    I got to my hole and set up. I had already placed my decoys out and was just waiting on shooting time when the first boat tried to come in. I flashed my light at them as they were shining my decoys and they were nice enough to ease out the way they came. At 6:44 a.m. (shooting time was 6:47), the second boat came through. By this time I had around 8 mallards and close to the same amount of gadwells that had just set down outside my decoys. This :censored: idiot kept on coming towards my decoys. All the ducks took off and he just set there around 100 yds out. I yelled at the guy that someone was hunting there after he never paid attention to me flashing my light. After 3 minutes of this, I shot once in the air. He still just sat there. By this time more ducks were flying and his :censored: boat was flaring them. I finally shot two more times but in his direction to give him a peppering. He waited until another 2 -3 minutes after that to idle off. What an :censored: !!!
    There were at least 5 - 6 groups of ducks he flared off. If I could have figured out if he was still out hunting when I got through, I'd have waited on him at the ramp to give him a nice "motivational" and "inspirational" lecture!
  2. Of all the hunting sports I think duck hunting has to have the most a:censored: holes and unethical idiots then all of the other types of hunting combined. I have been hunting ducks for over 44 years and it just gets worse as I get older. I can see why so many quit hunting ducks after continually putting up with morons or people who just don't give a d:censored: I love golf and unfortunately you see the same idiots not raking sand bunkers, not fixing their ball marks on the green, jumping holes and teeing off in front of you, loud yelling and screaming, playing slow and not letting faster players play through, etc. I swear you wonder how these people survive. Do they even know what is going on when they approach someone who flashes their light at them. I have asked other hunters to join me if I thought they would interfere in my swing ducks and Visa versa but there is no excuse for bad behavior in the field. You just got me started but I will stop as Peyton Manning says, I feel you.

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    I had my decoys set up in the pond on the 18th hole @ Burns Park opening morning and had to deal with the Goofers AND the rude duck hunters. It don't get any worse than that.:biggrin:
  4. Now I don't care who you are, that there is funny.:thumb:
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    You need to be real careful shooting in someone's direction.
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    It's a sign of the times. The same people who are tail-gating you while yapping on their phones, are now the same a--holes who want to duck hunt, and think YOUR in their holes. This is a generation raised on the show jack-ass, wrestling, and survivor. Where did common courtesy go? It's all about me.
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    I'll be honest here. It takes an as* hole to know one and you my friend are in that category for trying to "pepper" someone with shot. Remember, it's ducks we're talking about here. He was being a jerk if he was flaring ducks on purpose but maybe he didn't know he was(he was 100 yrds out) or maybe he had some other reason for sitting there for a minute before he left(you don't know!). Seems to me you did more harm than him by firing your gun while ducks were working.
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    i have to agree with you man. this stuff is why i quit duck hunting public land.
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    It is the same sort of self-centered jerks that got the heavy regulations put on Bayou Meto and other places.... Between those who would shoot at every duck they saw (even several treetops high), threatening hunters who had "gotten their spot", and even acts of violence.

    Now you notice that you can hardly take enough shells to fill a limit of ducks (at least when you shoot like I do!), no guides allowed, and some seriously strick regulations on damage to trees and brush.

    Back when I was duck hunting (this is my second season to forgo buying tags and hunting them), I would find time to hunt up near Dublin, Arkansas on the NW end of Lake Dardanell. The first few years - we would get out real early just for the sake of getting all the decoys out and getting good and set-up before shooting hours. We would see other hunters, and other than the occaisional idiot who would get themselves stuck on a sand bar for an hour, just close enough to mess up your early hunting, we didn't have a lot of issues.

    But the last two years I hunted up there - we would have to leave the cabin (right by the water) at 3AM, boat ride for 20-30 minutes, just to get a spot. Others would come banging out an hour later or even at shooting hours - blowing through holes, setting up less than 100 yrds from you, sky blasting, blowing duck calls like they were trying to reach Canada, and generally taking a lot of the fun out of hunting. The last year I went up there, we found a couple of different places to hunt that apaprently hand't yet been found by the idiots (tooks some serious effort to get back in the spot). But it got rather frustrating to have to sit in a blind for 2+ hours for shooting hours to come in just because a slightly late start would mean someone else would be there. And even when you got there early, wait for a couple of hours, you then were likely to have a jerk come in and screw things up.
  11. That's why next year we are going back to leasing. Life is too short to have to put up with a bunch of morons or newbies who don't know better. We have had fair success hunting public this year but it could have been much better if there were not so many hunters in the area, but we knew that from experience and that's what you can expect hunting public places.
    Private=Expensive, ducks not guaranteed but the hunts can be considered quality experiences. You don't have to worry about someone setting up a 100 yards away shooting your swing ducks or blowing a hail call from hell at some passing birds.
    Public=Cheap, ducks not guaranteed and the hunts can be very frustrating especially if you have groups opening up just as you think you got some ducks working. Hunt priorities can be considered getting away from John Q Public over finding a nice hole but you never can with a 120 trucks parked at the parking lot.:smack:
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    AMEN!!!!:thumb: :censored: :thumb: JJ
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    As far as peppering the guy who "disrupted" my my opening hours hunt, I didn't point exactly at his boat. I didn't hear any shot hit his boat and wasn't trying to hit him, just let him realize that someone was there, even after the first shot was fired and he just sat there looking at my decoys. When I can sit there looking at the guy with my Nikon binoculars and he is trying to distinguish if decoys are real or not since he kept staring at them, he needed some assurance that they weren't real. But if someone is sitting out there checking my decoys out like they are real ducks, they need a wake up. After you hear about the people getting shot while duck and goose hunting by idiots taking pop shots, you can't be careful enough. Especially since I was in the trees directly behind them. Now if I had put in my 3 1/2" Wingmaster HD and fired in his direction, that would have been a different story.:biggrin: Sorry if anyone got the wrong impression.
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    I guess "in his direction" doesn't really mean "in his direction"? Oh well.
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    Its pretty sad when you have to worry about getting shot at when you go hunting anymore... Who's hunting who?? :confused:
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    takes one to know one, and you are lucky he did not press charges on you for what you did.

    think next time, and be safe.

  17. Sprtsman...... I feel your pain man, but you might have could have handled it better, but in the end, the guy left and you both were better off. We had guys set up on us about 200 yards today and literally shoot at ducks 2 and 3 tree tops high. There were thousands of ducks flying trying to work the woods, but they wouldn't let them. It sucked....... they deserved a cussing IMO!!!

    And for those of you who think that the shell restrictions on WMA's is stupid, etc...... the rule was put there for these idiots that were set up by us this am. We were hunting a WMA with no shell restriction and they probably all shot 2 boxes a piece at ducks they had NO CHANCE of killing..... All they were doing was ruining our hunt. "Tree topping" ducks is one thing, "skybusting" is altogether different. The shell restriction stops skybusting ducks...... PERIOD. Shell restrictions are good. I hunt a lot of WMA's with shell restrictions, even the 15 shell ones, and only on occasion do I ever run out. If I do, we did some poor shooting!!

    Now, on to the serious question........ Why in the crap do you carry Nikon binocs with you while duck hunting?? I hunt 50 plus days a year and I have never found myself in need of binoculars while duck hunting....... never even crossed my mind!!
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    Yeppty yeah yeppty do ya got to love some public land :biggrin: A good hunter will kill ducks regardless of the yabbits, but it is a fine art to do so.
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    next time why don't you ask if they will join you.if we all showed a little more compashion for the sport we all would be better off.:wink:
  20. There is a time to ask someone to join you and there is a time when the other party should know that their behavior in arriving late is no reason that they should get to hunt this particular spot where the decoys were already set up, boat hidden, etc.
    When you are in bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway and there are signs saying Right Lane Closed and everyone is in the left lane inching along and here comes a fellow in the right lane lickety split are you going to be the guy who let's him in line? If you do are you just rewarding rude behavior?