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Went in this morning with full intentions of just pulling one of my stands to move for deer season this morning since I hadn’t had a bear on camera since Saturday night. Harnessed up and carried my bow just incase but with low expectations. I work evenings so I’d been baiting at 7 every morning to kind of keep a schedule and and so that’s when I’d been slipping in to my stand. On the short walk this morning I thought I heard a bear pop it’s jaws but only heard it once. As I got to a bout 20 yds of my barrel I caught a glimpse of black and heard the barrel shake and instant noticed it was a good bear. I managed to get my release on and an arrow out of my quiver that was in my back pack. Only has one hole to shoot through from the trail and finally got a shot but she turned soon as I released and she just fell. Unsure of what happened I quickly put another arrow in her and headed back to the get the truck. When she turned my arrow went between her leg and body and entered the bottom of her skull with the tip of my grim reaper sticking out between her eyes. Realized instantly my second arrow was pointless but at the time I wasn’t sure and I’d rather be safe then sorry. 15yds at eye level was for sure an adrenaline rush but was an awesome experience. Could almost drive to her but barely got her in the truck by myself and don’t think I could of if it wasn’t for the adrenaline. Got her home and my boy absolutely loved it.
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