crazy deer movement??

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by nemhsiri, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. nemhsiri

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    Hey guys, went out to my spot in Greenland to get one with the smokepole this am. I sat untill around 10 and nada. Then I went to town got some more corn, put that out and sat from 1:45 til dark, again nada. I drive down the gravel road about 5 blocks to a field that belongs to someone who will let no one hunt there.... and tada!! 16 doe and one pretty nice buck at the back of the field. When you have that many deer that close to where you hunt wouldn't you think that eventually they would find their way to your place?? Sorry about the rant, but I just can't figure this out. During bow season (early part) tons of deer, then after rifle season still saw quite a few, but the would always hang out around 50 yards.:banghead: Now my MZ is working good again, can take a doe.... but alas none to be had. Just wondering if any of you guys have expierenced something like this. Thanks for any advice you could give, and good luck tomorrow.:thumb:
  2. deltaeta

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    Saw nothing all day myself. Discouraging ain't it?

  3. seed

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    I've heard they won't move much during the day when there's a full moon (or close to it) out the night before b/c it allows them to see well enough to gather food. Hunting is better when there is little to no moon.

    Anyone else ever heard this?
  4. xforce-deathstick

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    I've Always heard right the opposite... My uncle will sit daylight to dark if the moons up...I've been seeing several deer during the day and this week I had more daylight pics on my trail cam than I did at night!
  5. deltaeta

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    Deer moving everywhere this morning.
  6. Hog_54

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    Deer are moving around 9:30am to 1:00pm I saw 15 Sat. morning and they all came to the food plot. I didn't see a thing till 9:30
  7. I had 9 come in Saturday morning about 8 am, I clean missed one of them. This morning I nailed a big ole nanny. Deer seem to be moving early.