Crawfish Traps? How to make them?

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  1. I wanted to make some crawfish traps, how do you go about this, size of wire and all? I have some good places to put them but no idea how to make them suckers. Thanks.
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    i looked here and when i made mine, just played off the design they had going. I made 3, would have been easier to just order a couple from these guys i think and i was either in a crap spot or didn't do it right because i didn't catch very much.

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    [​IMG] 1.2 A6 Activity-_-SC_Fencing_Area6-_-20115_5

    • Purchase a roll of the welded wire. It is outside in garden area back by fencing at Lowes.
    • Cut your desired length of wire and make a circle and zip tie the ends. We cut ours about 16" The wire is too small of a gauge to actually weld.
    • Cut two other small pieces and form a cone shape and place one in each end, with one end being the size of original circle and narrowing down to small entrance hole.
    • Small end will go towards middle of basket. Then you zip tie the ends together.
    • Cut out a hole in middle of original wire, you can zip tie one end of the square you just cut out forming a hinge. We just used a spare piece of metal wire for a latch.

    And you can make two crawfish baskets out of the 10' section that is about $10.
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    hahah i was going to post this same question tonight! we have a small "puddle" in the field and have found a few 4-5" crawdads...thanks keeb
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    will this same wire work for minnows or are the holes in the mesh too large
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    I think the holes are too large for minnows. We used them for bream/crawfish traps. Most of the crawfish are still out in the fields around my neck of the woods. I will have to wait until the water goes down a little before I can start raking them.
    I recently used the same type of wire and some 3/8 rebar and a 10' stick of conduit and made a crawfish rake. It's light and sturdy!

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    I designed one but have not made it yet. Last weekend while at BPS I saw that they are selling traps like the one I designed.
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    if the water is not to deep, then you can just use that wire flat; tie down a hunk of meat on the wire, set it in the water just before dark then come back in about 30 min. to an hour. crawdads should be all over the meat and wire mesh. lift out of water on to the bank, most of the crawdads will stay on the mesh.