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crappie stucture

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Is it legal to put brush, Christmas trees in a lake for crappie structure?
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I would check local laws on that. I live in n Ms. We have corp. Lakes here that a lot of people sink trees in while the water is low. Its legal here but like I said I would make some calls first.
You might want to get this moved to a forum like Fishing. I don't know how many hits you are going to get in Deer Hunting with a thread about crappie......
It has to be weighted and place as not to interfere with navigation lanes. Other than that I think it is pretty much encouraged.
cedar trees make great fish habitat and the really last. I have sunk a couple of big ones in small lakes and they have remained for 10 years and consistent are fish producers.
Awesome, the lake I fish has alot of structure but I would like to make some more areas..
As long as it's not cut from the bank I think you're ok. I know a guy got caught on degray a few years ago cutting brush off the bank. That's a big no no. He had to plant a lot of new trees on top of his fines what I heard. But, do the right thing and check the book! If it says it's ok, take the book with you. Some game wardens like to try to make people that don't fully understand the law feel like they are breaking the law and stick you with a ticket. It's happened more than once.
Yes, you can put brush into lakes, is illegal to take deer that are swimming in water.
The good thing about sinking your own as you will have your own honey hole until others find it. Christmas trees shouldn't be too hard to put out. I cut a couple of 20 foot cedars that were 8 feet in diameter. My 25 horse really struggled to drag them on a windy day. We had to come back on a calm day and it took an amazing amount of weight to sink them. This was done on private land.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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