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Crappie from the weekend

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Marsh Man took me fishin on a lake on his farm. WE did good! :biggrin:

I caught one catfish

My daughter and her boyfriend came and caught about 15 off the bank

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Nice crappie! So....when are we eatin'? :confused:

Sunday we caught more

I caught this little fellow with my hands while standing on the bank. I amazed myself. :biggrin:

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We ate some Sunday night and they were sssssssoooooo good! Fish, coleslaw and fried onions. Yum!
Bett Lou! details please. Im chomping at the bit for a mess of crappie. Shinners or jigs? Deep or shallow? Every now and then I feel a jerk! This is my first day back at work since last Wed. and I cant wait till I'm off again!:confused: Unfortunetly that wont be till later on next week!:smack: Oh, thanks for the pics, enjoyed them!
25/06 we couldn't catch one on a minnow. We caught all of them on jigs. The jig was a red head with a black eye and white tail. We would catch them close to bank in shallow and out in the middle in the deep. It wasn't consistent at all. The only thing consistent was you had to use jigs.

The big ones had eggs so they are starting to spawn. IT'S TIME! :biggrin:
Water is way too cold here. We got snow on the ground.:frown: Good catch , I jealous.:razz:
Looks like ya'll had a good mess of fish there, congratulations. :thumb:
Dang! Bett_Lou that's what I'm talking about-way to go! Slabbers!
That's a cooler full of NICE crappie! Way to go!
Ummm...ummmm ahhhh that looks like some fine eating. Congrats Bett :thumb:
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