Coz Grandpup

Discussion in 'Dogs for Sale or Trade' started by cur, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. cur

    cur Well-Known Member

    Super nice bred Mt. Cur pup 1yr. Red Brindle Grand pup to Coz. Lightly started . Hauls good 250.00 . No squirrels to train him. Thanks!!!!!!! 870 577 2303
  2. T-man

    T-man Well-Known Member

    So do you have the OMCBA pup papers on him and when you say lightly started, what does that mean. The reason i ask, is alot of people have different definitions of lightly started. I am intrested in the puppy. What part of Arkansas are you from?

  3. mikeg

    mikeg Well-Known Member

    I have a double bred coz female that i'm starting now and is doing good, is yours a male or female i'm looking for a male pup
  4. cur

    cur Well-Known Member

    This is a male Coz is his grandpa on dads side . Dagger is his grandpa on his moms side.