Coyotes beware???

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  1. dash4cash

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    That's right, we finally had a chance to site in the new guns. My good friend Chad and myself spent 4 hours burnning through 6 1/2 boxes of shells Friday morning, and both of us are good out to 200 yards. Now after Christmas we will be heading to Northern Wisconsin along with my brother to hunt yotes in the middle of the forest. We plan to hunt on the lakes deep in the woods day and night.

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  2. btech29

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    Sounds awesome. You already got that much snow? I would love to call em in the snow like that. If your planning on calling in heavy timber I would consider getting me a shotgun as well. Good luck and post some pics when you get em. :up:

  3. dash4cash

    dash4cash Well-Known Member

    B, i would love to send some snow your way, looks nice, but its a pain if your walking any distance in it. I will have the 870 loaded with buckshot as a backup.

  4. sounds like your in for some fun. Good luck and I agree post some pics
  5. Dermott

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    Good plan to have a shotgun as well. Wisconsin must allow night hunting? Will you use a conventional spot light or the night vision ones?

    Good luck and post some pictures!

  6. dash4cash

    dash4cash Well-Known Member

    Steve, I put a 600 lumins led with red lens on the scope of the 223 and the kill light 250xlr with red or green lens on the 243 Have no problem seeing through the scope out to 125 yards with the 250xlr and about 80 yards with the Cabelas model. Will post pics forsure, if we are lucky enough.:up:

  7. jsilver919

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    man seeing those pics really make me miss the north! makes me feel pretty old when i say its been over 10 yrs since i've seen a white christmas. miss hunting in the snow too!

    good luck out there, stay warm