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    can you coyote hunt on a wma with a 270
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    I just checked on this very thing. They dont even mention the word coyote in the book. I called a guy that runs the one in Madison County and he wasnt 100% positive either. He thought you could hunt them with a rimfire or shotgun only. He dont think they want you there with a high boom when it is not deer season. If you find out for sure please let me know.

  3. let me know as well, when you find out. I have asked but got no answer.
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    Unless its a specific rule for only the wma you are planning to hunt, it is legal to hunt them with any caliber firearm as long as coyote season is open.
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    Pg 71 General WMA regulations
    Pg 69 "hunting equipment"

    The way I interpret that is you can use a rifle from Jul 1 - Feb 28. The way it's written I don't see how a ticket could ever hold up in court if there was an issue.... Apparently it isn't clear to agfc employees either
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    Thank you sir. :up:
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    Yep, you can use a rifle, at least on the Sylamore WMA you can carry a rifle of any caliber as long as coyote season is in.
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    I woould check for the specific WMA your wanting to hunt. I read the book like others, and hunted with my 308.Got checked and the WMA I was on was rimfire only. Each WMA has a section in the back of the book and online where you can check.
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    The pics posted above are from the 2012-2013 handbook. General WMA Regulations begin on page 68 I believe (book is not in front of me right now) and general regulations for coyote, coon, beaver etc. are covered on page 71. Following the general regs are regs for each specific WMA. If there is no mention of coyote under the WMA specific regs then it falls under general WMA regs (every WMA i hunt is like this).

    The game and fish commision is scared to death that somebody is gonna shoot a deer while "coyote" hunting, so they word it so confusing that nobody is sure. I have talked to several people, agfc & usfs, who say they dont think its legal but they're not sure. Hello, its stated right there in the handbook!!! I keep the handbook with me, along with my .270 or .308 :wink: Way too many yotes around, kill em boys.
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    Good question and the "authorities" are not sure either. I occasionally hunt in the Wedington WMA and have had conflicting opinion from those who should know. Although I do not hunt predators with a .270 I do hunt with a .223 and the answer is the same for both. The reason I say the authorities do not necessarily know either:

    > I drew a rifle deer hunting special hunt permit 2 years ago and went out to scout and check it out including where the Forest Service check in site is since they require hunters to check in each morning of the deer hunt. It was the opposite end of the WMA from where I planned to hunt. While there I asked the lady from the USFS about using my .223 for coyote hunting and she told me it was prohibited but did call an AG&F employee -- I believe she said he was the black bear specialist? -- at my request and she told he was not sure.
    > A few weeks after the deer hunt my oldest grandson and I were driving through Wedington WMA and saw an AG&F wildlife officer and we stopped and asked him. He said a .223 was legal to hunt there but looked it up in the regulation book at my request and showed me it was OK. I asked for his card and wrote the date, etc. on back of his card with his answer and kept it but do not know if I can still find it? Found it with my licenses, etc.!
    > Last year I went out to coyote hunt late one afternoon and there were 2 AG&F pickup trucks parked immediately across the road from where I wanted to hunt so I asked them to be sure I would not have a problem. The guy I asked said something to the effect of " are not going to trick me into something." I assured him I was just asking to cover myself and could take my shotgun in if it was a problem. The two looked it up in the reg book and told me it was OK but I decided to take the shotgun with Dead Coyote shells anyway as I was going to hunt a thick area until dark and the shotgun would be better if one came in late.

    I am still not totally comfortable hunting coyotes with a center fire rifle in Wedington although I expect I would win in court if I hired an attorney?

  11. truck24hr

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    This is what it reads under hunting equipment, ffor WMA's. Note, it shows any caliber legal for yotes on AGFC and USDA Forest Service lands. The WMA I was hunting on, was COE, therefore I was illegal with my 308.

    Killing devices or traps may not be possessed on a WMA unless a season is open.
    Rifles and pistols larger than .22 caliber rimfire, buckshot, and rifled slugs may be used only during modern gun deer, bear or elk seasons.
    Muzzleloaders larger than .40 caliber may be used on any WMA only during muzzleloading and modern gun deer, bear or elk seasons.
    Firearms may be carried to and from firing ranges on WMAs.
    Unless otherwise prohibited, bobcat, fox and coyote may be taken during daylight hours with any caliber firearm during bobcat, fox and coyote seasons on AGFC-owned WMAs and USDA Forest Service lands (including WMAs within the Ouachita National Forest and the Ozark-St. Francis National Forest.
    Concealed weapon permit holders may carry a modern handgun, except in places where otherwise prohibited under federal, state or local law or where not allowed by the landowner. Concealed weapons
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