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Coyote Question

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Me and a friend got permission to hunt some pasture land and row crops for coyotes. This place especially in the rows is covered in coyote tracks and we have been a few times evening and morning with not even a sight. We have been using rabbit sound. Any suggestions on something we might can try. Thanks
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Bill Bynum says that for every one coyote you see it is likely that three others came in that you never knew about.

I always used rabbit sounds, but if you have an e-caller, pup sounds seem to work pretty decent this time of year!

When I start out on a call set up I start out pretty quiet. I wait a few minutes and then get a bit louder. Wait a few more and then louder still. If nothing shows, I pick-up and move.

I don't know how much acreage you're hunting on, but the more the better; just so you can set-up in more places. I hunt some wood lots that only give me access to a few acres on any one spot. But, I try to lure the dogs off of the land surrounding me. It don't always work.

One other suggestion is to hunt the "fringe" areas. Hunt where the fields meet the woodline, or where a creek or drainage cuts through the field. 'yotes hunt these fringe areas as they provide prey with the cover they need to survive and hide and also the food stuffs that that they feed on.

Watch for where the hawks, owls or eagles want to be and then try to key in on these same areas. Since 'yotes feed on the same food groups as avian predators, they can give you a real good idea on where to set up.

Good luck man. I'm not a good 'yote hunter by anyone's measure, but it sure is fun to hunt stuff that is hunting you back!!!!!
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but it sure is fun to hunt stuff that is hunting you back!!!!!
That's the best part of it, to me!! :thumb:
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