Coyote Hunting?

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    I need some coyote advice. I have a couple of spots that I would like to try. Both of these spots are on the edges of wide open fields. They are seperated by a river. I have never seen a coyote from either one of these spots, but at night it sounds like there are quite a few around. I have never coyote hunted, but want to give it a try. What time of day is best? Has anybody tried one of the Extreme Dimension Mini Phantom Digital Calls? It's the little hand held one about the size of a GPS. The AFGC rules say that when deer season is out a rifle no larger than 30 caliber can be used. Can you use a 30 caliber rifle? I'm not clear on how to interpret "no larger". Does this mean you can't use a 30-30, 30-06, or how about a .270? Anyway, any tips or wisdom about hunting coyotes would be appreciated.
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    Good questions.

    My first to you would be, are these fields in Arkansas? Your location shows Texas is why I ask. Your state has much better laws about hunting predators.

    As for your questions,

    30 Cal. rule. = This means that any rifle chosen to shoot predators must be 30cal or less. such as a 30-30 or a 30-06 would be legal, but a .338 wouldn't. It is purely based on the size of the bullet in the cartridge. So anything that uses a .30 cal bullet or smaller would be legal.

    Phantom call - Absolutely, any call you find on the market today will work, it is purely a matter of how much you want to invest in hunting them (And other animals with it). My advice, get some hand calls and learn how to use them, but practice while listening to real sounds. There are examples on the web of prey distress sounds that you can try to mimic. This way, if you decide to not hunt them for whatever reason, you will not have wasted money on the more expensive calls. I will warn you though, this is one of the most addictive hunting sports you can get into. Apologize to your family now because if you call in just one coyote, Fox or Bobcat, you will go off the deep end. :up: I'm glad to say that I did and certainly enjoy dragging others down with me. :fit:

    The main thing with hunting any predator is that you must understand their habits, see some sign that they are in the area and then watch the weather for times that give you the best advantages. Your hunting areas will need to thought out for approach and escape routes to avoid detection from them as you setup. But most importantly, no matter what super scent suit you find, a coyote can smell you from hundreds of yards away if your wind is wrong and blowing your scent to them. Try to always setup with a crosswind in front of you or with the wind in your face when calling.... But have your downwind open so they have to expose themselves to smell you.

    It will take some practice to start picking stand locations. Problem is, once you do it a few times, you will be slowing down traffic on the highway because "That looks like a good spot over there" :smack:

    These are very basic things but they sure turn the odds in your favor.

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    The fields are in Arkansas. I live in TX, I go home to AR to hunt. Thanks for the advice. This year the water is low and the ducks are slow for us, so thought I might try to shoot a varmit or two.
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    It is a lot of fun (and work) but it is rewarding.

    What part of Texas do you live in?
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    I live in Arlington. I grew up just south of Bebee in Lonoke.
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    Been there a bunch. Just to let you know, your state has some of the best coyote hunting in the US. Just west of you in the desert areas and south of you close to San Antonio and west from there.

    I go there every year to Mentone TX and it is very good place to hunt. If you have any areas around you that you can hunt, in Texas, you can even hunt them at night and give yourself even more advantage. :up: That and good friends are only reason I go to West Texas every year.

    There are lots of yotes all over your state, but the West Texas desert area is harder for them to hide in cover and you see them better when they come in.

    I would trade places with you in a heartbeat to live in Texas. I like Coyote hunting so much, I will probably retire there just to do that. :smack:
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    It's closer for me to drive to AR and hunt than to go to far west TX. I was about 4 hrs west of here this weekend deer hunting. I know there are predators where we were huting, saw a fox last time. I was wondering if calling works from a tower stand, or if you need to be on the ground.
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    Works anywhere that the animal is hungry or you have a place to call from.

    Main thing is that keeping scent away from them and movement to the minimum to make a kill. Some coyotes can be distracted by a decoy and will not even look for other dangers. But most will be cautious and spooky. It all depends on that coyotes/foxes history.

    Bobcats are not that bright so you can do the same thing day after day and they rarely learn. They are also not that worried about scent. But movement, they can see that very well and hang up like a statue for hours and stare. Once they are done with you, they will slowly turn and leave, usually when you are distracted. Decoys help them come out better. But decoys can be troublesome for some coyotes. I have had a few that we could have stood up and threw something at the coyote and they wouldn't have stopped. :smack:
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    is the 7.62x39 (sks) legal? i'm not planning on coyote hunting with one but i am planning on using it for hogs on wma's which has the same rule
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    Yep 7.62 = .30 cal a .308 is 7.62x51
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    Heck you can use a 300 ultra mag if u want 7mm mag too but I use a .308 or .22 LR
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    i thought so but i got pretty worried there for a sec