coyote are taking the hood over

Discussion in 'Trapping' started by melhuntin, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. melhuntin

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    i would like some one to tell me how to catch them out of a resadental nieborhood with out catching the neighbors dogs and cats .i live on crowleys ridge just out of the city limits.
  2. neotoxo

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    Hmmm....that there is a conundrum for sure...

    IMHO...snares would be my first choice...with a 10" loop and 10" off the
    walking surface cats shouldn't be much problem and a pet dog in one should
    tend to just sit and wait for someone to release them...set snares in choke point in trails with sign..

    You could bait for yotes but that is also going to attract the non-target
    animals too.

    That said...ain't nothing for sure...soft-catch foot hold traps are an option too. If a dog is caught a soft-catch is less likely to cause any permanent
    damage...OR a well laminated and offset smooth jaw foot hold.

    The best situation would be to get the complete cooperation of the neighbors
    for a week or so and have them tie up their free ranging dogs and keep the
    cats in too. Then a person could gang set and not have to worry about
    catching someones fluffy or spot...

  3. the Black Spot

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    been there and done that in the suburbs of Dallas, tx. lots of paperwork to fill out by ALL the neighboring landowners saying YOU are not responsible or held liable for any damage done to any NON-target animal. if you are doing it for the city i would get them to be liable for any non-target animal. if you are charging for this i would charge a smaller fee for non-targets like bobcats, possum, coon, etc.
    it is a big hassle, i would charge out the wazoo for all the time involved - you meeting personally with all landowners involved letting them know exact dates you are trapping, checking sets morning and usually evenings as well. make sure you get reimbursed for any traps that come up missing/stolen.

    had one lady with a nice manacured backyard with a fenced in area in the middle made of panel wire that had pet geese in it. somethin was diggin under the fence getting in and getting them. no way to tell by tracks because of the nice grass yard. figured it was coon because of the grassy ditch at the back of the property. everyone in that area was to keep their pets locked up. after a week of checking nothing happened until the next door neighbor let her collie loose which went right to the dig out spot and was caught in a 220. i was paid for the job after another week of nothing bothering the geese. turned out the only culpret was the collie. the collie was ok after a trip to the vet to have the 220 removed.
    this could have been a big problem if all was not in order.
    if you are not getting paid for this i would not even attempt it.
    my 2 cents for what it is worth.
  4. melhuntin

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    man this wont be easy

    There's a lot of ifs and liabilities I didn't think about .There's some open fields to the north and west i might could try predator calling.:head::confused:
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    west miss, river and the ridge, where you at? helena? if so be careful. theres a lot of the lawsuit type over there,
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    Black Spot and JWR are right...this time of the year my mindset is different
    than during the off season...

    Gotta CYA else some tree-hugger is going to try and ruin your day for sure.
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    This is gonna be funny because its true its behind walmart in Wynne . There's know tell-in what the heel ill catch back here! :fit::fit: