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Coyote 2/8/08

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Got this guy this AM while feeding the cows, 150 yards with my old Ruger 30/06.


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That's my favorite kind of yote!!:thumb:
Good job Sam, keep up the good work.:thumb:
Get Down Bro!!!!

I hope to make some "Good" 'yotes next week!!!
My wife's comment "oh it's so pretty".
My response "yeah pretty dead".

Nice shooting.
Killed another coyote this morning between mine and Monsterman's houses, had 2 of the running across the draw, killed the biggest one with a shoulder shot from my 30/06, not pretty, then gave the other on 2 shots while it was making some serious tracks out of Dodge, didn't hit that one, but it sure did get motivated to move. Monsterman has been down with the flu since Friday, didn't think anything could get him out'a bed, but 3 blasts from an 06 a 100 yards from his house got a response out of him
Way to go Sam. Go gettem!!! :thumb:

Did you call them or just happen on them today? Also are they killing calves or anything at your place?
I was just driving down my driveway and saw the crossing the field by my house, gassed it and got in front of them and sniped at them crossing a draw below my house, wasn't 200 yards from where I killed the other one I posted the pictures of. There are lots of coyotes around here, hear them every night, but we haven't seen any since before deer season for some reason. Last year we killed 4 or 5 while deer hunting, didn't get a one this year. About a week ago we started seeing them in the daytime and I put the rifle in the truck. Don't know if they're mating or what, but they are sure stirring now.
If you have trouble with them harrasing your cattle, then they have one in the pack that is teaching the yougn's to do that. That is a case where the teacher has to be taken care of.

There have been a lot of places I have started hearing the same from. During Deer season they are out in droves chasing wounded deer and such, when the deer herd stabilizes and the scraps are gone, they have to work for food again a little harder.

They could be mousing, but they could also be scoping out any calves you have coming.

Was there anything near them that you think they were eating on? Dead cows, etc?

This time of year, the older dogs kick the pups out of the "pack" to form thier own territory, and yes they are breeding right now. They may have a corner marker in the middle of your pasture where they are establishing boundries. We call that a "honey hole" for more than one reason. :thumb:

If you need help, I would be more than happy to come your way and try calling the main dogs in. I would be honored to hunt with you if you like and show you how I do it. I offer this to anyone that is having trouble or wants to hunt them.
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