coydog or melanistic?

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  1. fisherman

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    black yote, happens more that you would think.
    Buddy sold one last year for $50

  2. chancegagliano

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    Well I got the pelt in the freezer if anyone is interested.
  3. jhatch

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    That's beautiful. I have one mounted like that.
  4. GotPork

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    That thing is Purdy!! Congrats!!:up:
  5. I am still trying to kill a black yote
  6. Cjdavis618

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    me too. seen a few but couldn't connect.

    good job.
  7. Dermott

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    I called in a black coyote but no white markings like yours just SW of Mena about 3 miles last year. I had set up about 80 yards in the woods near a thicket with a shotgun hoping to call in a bobcat when I saw him coming in a pasture. He looked into the woods then drifted away so I changed to pup distress and he returned to the field edge and stared into the woods but would not come in and finally left. I believe if I had a decoy set up he might have come into shotgun range? Steve/"Dermott"
  8. btech29

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    Ive killed a few. This one was a long legged, lanky sucker. Solid black.

  9. Ruger

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    Private video? Can't view it.
  10. btech29

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  11. Ruger

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    Got it! thanks