Cover scents 4 yotes

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  1. dash4cash

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    I was wondering if any of you yote hunters use cover scents. I have heard that bobcat and rabbit urine work well. Any tips and techniques would be helpfull.

    Thanks, Carl
  2. Cjdavis618

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    There are some techniques that are called "Misting" that are used in order to confuse and stall the coyote. But the nose of a coyote is such that using cover scents really won't matter.

    You could dump a bag of rotten food on the ground, and if the coyote knew what they were, it could probably pick out every individual scent in a very short time.

    That in effect is what misting is. It is a way to confuse and pauses a coyote that is already downwind. The problem is, you might only get half a second before that coyote realizes what is happening. But that may be all you need. :shrug:

    I believe that anything I can do to increase my odds is worth it. But the chance of spilling that crap over everything is not. :up:

  3. Dermott

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    DashForCash -

    I use Buck Beads "Nasty Natural Red Fox" scent shaker when predator hunting. I bought it at Southtown Sporting Goods in Fayetteville but have not seen it anywhere else but you can find it on Buck Stop's web site at . One bottle will last a long time.

    It seems to work for me. It is in crystal form so it will not spill and damage your e-caller or whatever. I sprinkle some around my FoxPro when I set it out and have had coyotes come within 3 yards of the caller and stare at the caller as if confused. I also sprinkle some in front of where I set up with the theory that it may confuse a yote for a few seconds so I can get a shot?


  4. btech29

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    I wouldnt worry about using any. Just stay downwind as best you can. You wont beat their noses.

    Thats just me, I may be wrong. :up:
  5. jwalker

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    Use skunk cover scent they will not worry bout a skunk I saw a coyote eat a skunk one time