Cougar pics from Jefferson CO?

Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by Delbert, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. Delbert

    Delbert Well-Known Member

    I was told someone had pics of a cougar from Jefferson County. Anyone heard about it?
  2. mikebri

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  3. Doug Fryer

    Doug Fryer Well-Known Member

    Next time the Jr. League throws a party at Harbor Oaks or when the Policeman's ball is'll be able to see plenty.:razz:
  4. Buck-Ridge

    Buck-Ridge Well-Known Member

    Just to keep the Mountain lion threads interesting a guy at work showed me a picture on his phone of a shiny black mountain lion picture taken on a game cam in Louisiana.
    Last year a large black cat was filmed next to some tall grass close to Baton Rouge.
  5. hunt4meat

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    I saw one in Pulaski county last week, but it was a brown one. It was near Fair Park and I-630... right in the middle of the city, wierd, huh?
  6. Passthrough

    Passthrough Account Suspended

    South side of 630 I assume?
  7. outdoorartist

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    I'm looking at one of them Cougars right now in Pulaski Co.!!!!!!!! But we call her Jan, she does'nt much like being called Cougar. :fit:
  8. public land hunter

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    I had one in my sights and was about to finally put this debate to rest when a danged ol sasquatch spooked him off. Its dangerous hunting the ozark nf I tell ya
  9. Skinner97

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    It's a shame this thread hasn't turned out more interesting. I would have thought there would be plenty of cougar pics posted already.:whistle:
  10. robbgrice

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    KATV Channel 7 posted a pic of one on their Facebook page yesterday, and asking people to send them any pics of cats. I just looked, and it is still on their Facebook page with about 500 comments, and a few pics.
  11. kmc06005

    kmc06005 Well-Known Member

    Here is a pic of one I got a couple years ago.


    A deer in the same spot for size comparison

  12. Skinner97

    Skinner97 Well-Known Member

    LOL, ok. Did anybody ever shoot that 300" buck?
  13. kmc06005

    kmc06005 Well-Known Member

    Nope. He's the one that got away...

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  14. duck01

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    That buck will be a dandy in a couple of years...............
  15. BowHunter21

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    Haven't seen any pics lately, but I've seen a Cougar/Mt. Lion in Jefferson Co. myself... I used to farm for a guy during the summers from 2004-2009. Around 2008 I was on the Ranger ridin round checkin water.. I took Abernathy Rd. to drive from one farm to another and saw a huge cat jump out in front of me prolly 50 yds on the gravel, one leap and he was 3/4 across the road!! I sped up to see him better and I watched him run straight away from me down a turn row... That joker was fast, HUGE, and had an extremely long tail that was about as big around as a beer can.

    Any farmers or ppl familiar with the area.... Abernathy Road is just off Hwy 65 about 1/4 mile from Noble Lake... I saw the cat between Mike Bryant's house and Jamie Price's shop.