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  1. I don't plan on using corn to actually hunt turkey but I would like to put some out to get a few pics of the flock we have on our land. Would it hurt if I poored out a little corn once or maybe twice? I just want them to stand still long enough to get a few good pics. The area were the turkey are would be a LONG walk with a feeder. The military got me used to a heavy pack so I could handle carrying out some corn in a back pack. But there is no way I could get a feeder out there. So I thought I might possibly put some corn on the ground. I just want to do it once or maybe twice. Would this hurt them? I have heard alot about toxins and all this crazy stuff. Sorry to be asking another dumb question. I just don't want to make a dumb mistake and take out our turkeys. Thanks in advance for the advice.
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    Use hen scratch and spread it out. You will know before you ever check your camera if turkeys have been in it. You will also learn what scrathing is which will be valuable to you when scouting through the season. Corn is typically eaten by deer before turkeys have a chance to find it.

  3. hen scratch, where can I get my hands on some?
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    Any farm/feed store should have it.

    It consist of chopped corn, millet, sunflower seeds, maize, and oats
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    Go to Price Milling in Russellville or the Agri-Coop in Morrilton or Perryville or the feed store in Danville. They will all carry it.
  6. thanks
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    Another thing if u buy it at a dealer they have to check for alfatoxin which is what has caused the problems with corn.
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    Carbon I'm glad you posted that, I might get some for our farm. We have turkeys come through every now and then and I like to get some pics as well. Good idea about the hen scratch.
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    Another thing you can use is the wild bird seed. You can get it at walmart or atwoods. Its a little more expensive but it works great. Alflatoxin is a concern but only about .05% of all corn sold has any alflatoxins in it. I was reading a study where they did a random test on corn and it was surprising how little alflatoxin corn was actually out there. Yhe study stated that corn that was piled up, rained on, mildewed, swollen and soured was the biggest culprit for poisioning wildlife.