Corn Feeders Vs Food Plots!

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  1. Tink

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    Read a Great Article on this and agree with the writer. There really not much talk on this matter so since it getting cold outside which is better, cheaper, and more productive?
  2. I don't know the Correct answer. But with the price of corn. I prefer a food plot. Its a lot more work but hey I like doing it. I will be doing a bigger one next year. Not to mention if you feed corn year round like you can rotate a food plot to keep deer on the land then I think it would be cheaper to do a fod plot. BUT I have been wrong many times before. Just out of curiousity what did the writer say?

  3. Here? Food plot. No question.

    NWA? Based on the pics on this board I might go corn....... bucks there seem much more willing to show up at bait/feeders during daylight.
  4. Tink

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    Hope this work!
  5. SwampCat

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    Definately foodplots down here. Deer wont get on corn here - probably because they cant compete with the hogs for corn. I am not sure about cost. A bag of corn a week would be $550 per year. A one acre foodplot planted with wheat in the fall and soybeans in the spring - if you calculated labor - i am sure would be more than $550 - but it would supply food for a lot more deer. A rough guess for seed and fertilizer is $100 per acre per planting. That does not include fuel for the tractor, herbicide, labor, etc.

  6. I've found feeders good for meat hunting and doe management....... but like you said if you've got hogs they are hog feeders. And in my experience feeders are actually a detriment to hunting bucks around here IMO...... you've got to put it on the ground to get consistent results and that is VERY time consuming and expensive.

    Quality food plots are better hunting and better for the deer... but you've got to have time and real equipment to make it happen.
  7. WILDMAN44

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    I haven't put out the first kernel of corn this year and I've had as much success as ever just hunting my food plots.

    Disclaimer: I've prolly fed 300lbs of rice bran is a few areas.
  8. tmeredith

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    I like food plots. I figure the quality of the food is much better for the deer than corn and I don't feel like the coons are eating all my hard earned money like I do when I see 'em in all my corn feeder pics. I haven't put out a drop of corn in 2 years now.
  9. JB Weld

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    Food plots are better in general for your deer. Corn has very little nutritional value for a deer. It is kind of like "candy" for them. With a well managed food plot, you will be able to provide your deer herd with many of the nutrients they need for the does to drop and raise healthy fawns and for your bucks to have a chance to reach full potential in size and antler growth.
  10. ArkyVarminter

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    I've been feeding deer corn for 20 years and putting out cameras for 12 years. The thing I have learned is the big bucks change when they lose their velvet for some unknown reason. They seem to get real uneasy around corn and forget about a feeder, they won't come near it. Small bucks will eventually come in but the big bucks just won't. I have also noticed over the last few years the the big bucks are even camera shy and that is with the infrared cameras. They just get real spooky when it gets cold. I bet they wouldn't hesitate to visit a food plot although I've never used one since i'm surrounded by soybean and wheat fields....
  11. sleepy

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    I go grow a fair food plot. Always put a corn feeder at the plot. For me in daylight the deer go to the feeder first. Deer seem to eat food plots at night. So if would rather hunt a corn feeder over a food plot without a feeder.

    Corn feeders don't really grow a deer and a food plot will. With the way hogs are running around I would never bank on a food plot. Also like I found out second week of bow season food plots make real good spots for a loggers staging area. Came off of the stand to see skidders unloading at the lease. Still got my deer this year just had to move stands around.
  12. I figure food plots do the most good after the season is over, corn is good for rite now....
  13. Mountain Oyster

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    I agree with corn feeders for doe management. Good bucks won't come to mine night or day but the does will. Good way to stock the freezer.
  14. geslayton

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    It depends on if you are just wanting to kill a few deer or if you are wanting to contribute to overall herd health.

    If you are just wanting to kill a deer or 2 then pour out a bag of corn and shoot a deer or two and go home, much cheaper and MUCH MUCH easier.

    If you are wanting to get the most tonage of food for your $, you can't beat a good food plot. It will provide a LOT more food for the $ than corn/rice bran will, plus, it is a much better food source nutritionally speaking.
  15. Tink

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    We keep food plots year around and the deer use them year around. We haven't put corn out on are place with food plots in years. Only time I use corn is on a 25ac place I have permission to hunt on and that's for letting my kids and wife kill a deer. Proper food plots will hold deer all season long. I for one take food plot over corn for the fact see more bucks on them then I ever did with corn feeders.
  16. gregrn43

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    Food plots, more bang for the buck.
  17. tyhunter23

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    Like what everyone else stated about the southern part of the state food plots seem to be the place to catch this time of year. You might catch one coming to corn but it seems I see more on food plots.
  18. Ktalbertfirefighter

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    I havent used a corn feeder in years I put mine out in a long line down my shooting lane and the deer come and eat. Bucks and does alike come in and feed. But as far as best thing for your deer heard food plots all the way
  19. BDW

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    Food plots, hands down.
  20. food plots work out best in most cases.....hogs/bears make feeders a little dicey....