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I just got back from taking Copper out on the farm. The wind finally laid down enough I figured what the heck. Sure it was almost 2pm, but squirrels are somewhere all the time. Right? Anyway, we saw one squirrel early in our adventure and it hit the ground running in front of me. I called Copper over and as soon as he hit the trail he was off like a rocket. He was moving so fast he apparently couldn't stop when he reached the creek bank. I heard a big splash. Well, we never found that squirrel and never saw another. So we headed back to the house across the pasture and when he gets to the middle fence row, off he goes again. He runs down the fence row toward some oak trees and I see the fox squirrel shimmy up the tree. Copper figured out the trail, reared up on the tree and barked treed. I praised him and agged him on as he barked. After taking some pics I started looking for the squirrel. I found him way up as high as he could climb. I shot him with the .22 and he started to fall and caught himself. Then, another squirrel comes out of hiding right next to him and starts timbering to another tree. I try and shoot him but miss. I look back at the other and it is trying to crawl into a hole, I fire and miss. He makes it in so I turn my attention to the other squirrel that Copper is following as it timbers. I disappears in the third tree over and he trees on that tree but I could not find that squirrel for the life of me. Like the title says, he did his part.

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