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I have several coon traps I wish to sell since I dont use as many anymore like I used to and maybe some one else would like to start trapping some. I have about 40 of these traps but probably wont sell all of them just a about a dozen to dozen and a half. I have 6 Wolf Creek's Alcatraz Dog Proof Coon Traps I would like $8 each for them or $40 for half dozen. I also have dozen COON DAGGER TRAPs by Sudden Valley Supply I would like $12 each for them or $120 for the dozen. Both traps are great and do thier job effectively I have caught 63 raccoons this year and last year using them for about 3 weeks each year so I know they work. I will be happy to tell you anything you need to know about using them or getting started. I did it to try and get some turkeys back and cause I knew my 10 year old son would love it!

I would probably sell the whole dozen and half traps for $150.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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