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coon squallers

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who all uses a good squaller? I wont leave home without mine if they dont climb down the tree to the dogs they will defnitly run around the top freaking out. So if you use a coon squaller what brand do you use? Mine is 1 i won in a comp. hunt it doesnt have a name on it and is all wood and looks like a duck call but you suck on it instead of blowin it like a duck call.
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I was shimmying down a tree about 15 years ago and the lanyard on my squaller hung a knot on the tree. Nearly hung myself and cut the crap out of my neck. I threw it in the woods and never bought another. I can get most coons to climb down or at least take a look squalling with my mouth, especially during the next month or so, and when kittens come out.
never used 1 in 15 years... squalled a lil with my mouth here and there...
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