coon hounds

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  1. well come on coon hunters the duck guys are posting duck anduck dog pics lets show thm what us real hunters have
  2. jwalker

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    This is the bloodlines actual photos to come.

  3. Razoo97

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    I took these tonight, first time he has been out of the pen in 2 years! :frown:

  4. englishdawgs

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    Here is mine She is Directly out of Hardtime Swamp Cat and Woodstock little Annie

  5. jwalker

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  6. here they are

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  7. TRT

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    Here's my favorite little gal. She's getting a little grey now. Just add a few years to this pic and that's what she looks like now. Biggest coon I've ever killed 22 lbs.

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    TUBBYONE Well-Known Member


    Where the heck did you find a tree that big? Could you even see the coon? Nice looking Black and Tans you have!! Love those dogs.
  9. arc3162

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    I was wondering the same thing tubby. We dont have trees that big around here anymore.
  10. jwalker

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    White river refuge behind H lake there's some bigger than that!!!!
  11. jwalker

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    Nance's Double OO[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  12. come on arc let us see them dogs these are all a great looking bunch of dogs
  13. arc3162

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    I will put some up the next time I am out so I have some.....haha, I don't normally carry a camera with me but I will take mine later tonight or tomorrow when I go.
  14. where you hunting to night im bad sick and feel worse knowing i dont need to be out tonight
  15. Tree location

    Made that tree in White River this year in the South Unit in behind Horseshoe lake. Coon was looking down the whole time. No trouble at all. Also got some that big or bigger around here (South of Sheridan) in some bottoms off the Saline River. They had one in the newspaper a while back. I have also seen some that big down at New Edinburg down around Fordyce. I'll see If I can dig up some pictures
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    [​IMG] [/IMG][​IMG][/IMG]

    Carnley's Dottie-Lou X Medicince Man Pill
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  17. Razoo97

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    Carnley's Pin Oak Candy-Lou

    [​IMG][/IMG] [​IMG][/IMG]

    Willow Creek Blue Smoke X One of a kind Dolly