coon bait for duke Dog proof traps

Discussion in 'Trapping' started by hav71730, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. hav71730

    hav71730 Member

    I bought a dz. of D.P. traps. I was wondering what would work best.
  2. geslayton

    geslayton Well-Known Member

    I use marshmallows and used cooking oil or fish oil. Seems to work ok.

  3. mhr7

    mhr7 Well-Known Member

    Dog food+ fish grease
  4. dirt road kid

    dirt road kid Well-Known Member

    I use marshmallows and ground fish mixed with fish oil. That works good for me. The most imortant thing is that you have something under the trigger that they have to work at to get out or some of them bandits will get your bait and never set the trap off.
  5. Doekila

    Doekila Well-Known Member

    I use the big marshmallows that have been soaked in fish oil. I cut them down so they fit under the trigger with no interference . Or spam seems to work good also.
  6. Ross A.

    Ross A. Well-Known Member

    Dog food + fish oil
  7. varmit_master

    varmit_master Well-Known Member

    Fish under the trigger. I run 2 1/2 dz last yr coons up this way wouldn't get marshmallows . So I stop using them.
  8. Lungbustr05

    Lungbustr05 Well-Known Member

    If you are on location then all you need are a few pieces of cat,dog, or catfish food. I only put 3 or 4 in mine and then give it a small squirt of something runny and smelly. What ever you use that is runny and smelly will coat the inside of the trap and the coon will keep reaching in for it. You do not need much bait in one of those traps. Anything more than just a few pieces and all you are doing is feeding the coons.