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    I had this sent to me about a Banded Pintail that was taken over in Ms, pretty cool article and I thought you duck dudes might enjoy!
    Happy New Years.

    I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break and I trust everyone made

    it back to work in good spirits. I have an interesting story to share

    with you about a remarkable event that happened to me yesterday. I

    received a phone call from a duck hunter who lives in LaGrange, GA and

    has a duck lease near Ruleville, MS. On January 3, 2008, this hunter

    killed a pintail on his lease. The duck had a band and the hunter

    wanted information about the bird. The band had kankyocho-Tokyo
    Japan-10A75422 inscribed on it. I wrote the band info down and told him

    I would do some research and call him back.

    I called Randy Wilson (USFWS) in Jackson and asked him for help. Randy

    thought the bird was not banded in the U.S. or Canada, but he wasn't

    sure. He gave me a biologist's name and number at the National Banding

    Lab in Patuxent. I called and didn't get an answer. I called Dr.

    Kaminski and sought his help. He thought it was possible that the duck

    was banded in the orient or Russia, but wasn't sure. Doc gave me the

    name of the person who was the head of the Banding Lab. I e-mailed him

    the story and band info. Shortly after, he and another biologist from

    the Banding Lab e-mailed me back contact info for the Japan Bird

    Migration Research Center. They were very interested in this bird. I

    e-mailed the band recovery info to Japan and got a response this


    The pintail was banded in Niigata Japan on February 16, 2000. The

    biologists at Putuxent told me that occasionally pintails that are

    banded in Japan show up in the Pacific flyway and pintails banded on the

    west coast occasionally end up in Japan. However, to their knowledge,

    this is the first Japanese banded pintail that has been harvested in the

    Mississippi flyway. I sent an e-mail to the folks in Japan asking them

    if this was a first. I should have a response tomorrow. If they

    confirm that this is a first, I think the hunter should buy a ticket for

    the Georgia Lotto! His friends laughed when he told them he thought the

    duck came from Japan. I guess he's having the last laugh now.
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    Awesome story! I can't imagine a bird flying that far with out a ticket for a plane.

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    Man that's a cool story! I could never get that lucky. When you gonna be ready to go? I posted some pics yesterday of what you're missing out on. I'll call you in a day or so and we can make plans.
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    awsome story, must ave moved over in the past eight years while it was breading up in canada. Hopefully this wont start a bird flu scare
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    WOW! Maybe that guy had his mind set on really spreading his genes!
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    That is a cool story. :cool:
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