Congress and Steroids

Discussion in 'Sports' started by hawgfan64, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. hawgfan64

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    I was wondering if anyone else ever thought like I did about congress's involvement with the current steroid scandal. I realize that a lot of people care a great deal about baseball but is this really what we elected these officials for. Surely there are more pressing issues in Washington than baseball?!? I don't mean to undermind the significance of the "steroid era", but it irks me to see the time and effort involved here that could (should?) be directed to more serious issues. Just wondering what others think.
  2. possum

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    I've often wondered why the Federal Government felt the need to get involved with professional sports, period. Maybe somebody can enlighten us.

  3. beltcutter

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    It's called Big Brother. The Federal Government wants to remind us that they rule this country, with nothing going unchecked. They don't have anymore business in baseball than they do in your pocketbook. It all started somewhere around 1865.

    They can't manage the budget, now how do we expect (and we shouldn't) them to manage baseball?

    Let baseball police baseball...we've got boys dying in Iraq!:mad:
  4. jimmyh

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    A-man brother
  5. hawgfan64

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    Sweet! I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that thinks this is rediculous. Everytime I see them on TV looking so smug at these players like "we've got you" and "you'll have to come before us" I think surely you could be working on health care, taxes, welfare, IRAQ etc.. :mad:
  6. hawgpharm

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    i dont think the government should get involved. what is sad is that baseball turned their back on the increasing use of steroids in favor of profits. they were desperate to bring back the popularity of the sport after the strike and when players started juicing and setting hr records they just counted their money.
  7. JR

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    What can I say that has not already been said. I agree with what all of you have posted so far. We have more pressing things as a country to worry about.