Congrats to LSU...and the SEC!

Discussion in 'Razorbacks' started by Mule man, Jan 7, 2008.

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    That's 2 years in a row for the National Championship in football and 1 in mens basketball. Ohio State must play a pretty soft schedule to get stats like they have.
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    They don't even play every team in their conference and it's not because it's split into two divisions like the SEC. Some kinda rotation crap, half the time they don't play the stronger teams in the Big 10 other than Michigan.

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    Just proves that the SEC is the strongest conferance
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    Also won 2 years straight in basketball, with Florida repeating
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    You have to be happy for the SEC, but it's a double edged sword for me. We do recriut against them boys and man is it hard to pull for LSwhoo! I was though. 7-2 in bowls is pretty darn good.
  7. I was listening to the Jim Rhome show on the radio yesterday and the Ohio State fans were really putting down the SEC and LSU fans with their smack. Can't wait to tune in today and listen to the whining of how they were swindled, cheated, etc. They were calling us Southern folks inbreds, toothless wonders and trailer trash. It gets pretty rough sometimes. I was pulling for LSU because they represented the SEC and to think that Kentucky and Arkansas beat the National Champions this season :thumb:
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    i think i read where ohio st is 0-9 all time in bowl games against sec opponents. let em talk, but they dont have anything to back it up with.
  10. That is correct. Today on the Jim Rome show they were calling in and saying stuff like the North 1 the South 0 from the Civil War. They just can't take it that the SEC is a better conference and the South in general just produces better players and teams.
  11. hawgpharm

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    i have never been to ohio myself, but from what i have heard it is no paradise.
  12. I'll tell you one thing. I have never heard of anybody retiring to the North.:wink:
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    Talked to one OSU fan yesterday. Said his deer season wasn't going too well. Said he saw a nice one during the week of shotgun season, about 200 yards away. All that was left was special weekend hunts and he said he wasn't gonna go. Oh yeah. They said OSU played 2 Top 25 teams.
  14. I knew an ol boy that lived in Ohio and moved down here and we took him deer hunting. That evening he wanted to know who the army was in the woods with all the flash lights. We finally figured out he was talk'n about the lightning bugs.:smack: Apparently they don't have them up in Ohio.
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    Go figure, same ones in the hotel who said that it was hot in the south, 75 degrees and 50% humidity. They should come down here in August.
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    i hope jermain taylor whips up on that ohio boy come feb 16.