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Tomorrow the AGFC will enact a catfish size limit on the Mississippi River along with Tennessee and Mississippi .It seems this was spurred by Bill Dance and BASSPRO to preserve so called TROPHY CATFISH on the river.It will reduce all harvests to only 1 fish over 34 inches for all anglers including the commercial fisherman.JB WELD you may wanna step in and make some waves on this.It’s headed to the same place our duck hunting went for a FEW DOLLARS MORE.Our commercial fisherman have been harvesting big catfish outta the river for decades and I certainly don’t feel like they have hurt the TROPHY fish there at all.There’s many guides making lotsa money taking folks to the Mississippi to catch trophy catfish and it’s not really that hard to do.These guys making a living on fish outta that river are gonna suffer from this beat down.
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Mo gubmint regs means mo money for the gubmint.
Wait a minute, I thought Red states were all for small gubmint and making proper choices???
Sounds like the same crap the Marxist gubmint (Blue Dogs) up here are doing, WDFW curtailing opportunities for stakeholders (subjects to the crown) by closing rivers, lakes due to mismanagement.
I figured all the rubber’s, dead bodies, chemicals and sewage would harm the population more so than any commercial fishermen.
Exactly this.
There is a river in Oregon that flows into the mighty Columbia river that has raw sewage from the big city that is dumped directly into it. People catch sturgeon, which are bottom feeders and eat them. That’s just a nasty thought. We call the fish on the Willamette river brown trout. Gawd only knows how many bodies and meth lab crap is in there too. :oops:
lol, nope, red states like big government too, just from a different point of view.
Dang. My bubble is burst, though it was different after 40 plus years away from home.
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Hopefully those guys that can make the meeting will show up but no one is on the agenda to speak.

it could be a bad thing when they decide which river is next.And it is always a bad thing for those guys that have to release a catch.They aren’t fishing for fun.
Those smaller ones are the best eatin catfish in my humble opinion.
When we lived in Mississippi we would always go to the catfish houses near Pearl at least twice a month with other family members, what a hoot. They had some of the best tasting little catfish I ever ate!
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So was the commission planning to make a ruling today on this presentation with zero data? :oops:
Sounds like our jackwagon F/W commission.
This just goes to prove every time ole bill bumped his head falling out of his boat on TV really affected his thinking.
It sounds like the Corporate and the elite fisherman think they are too big ($$$$) for wildlife management to say no to their demands.
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