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Tomorrow the AGFC will enact a catfish size limit on the Mississippi River along with Tennessee and Mississippi .It seems this was spurred by Bill Dance and BASSPRO to preserve so called TROPHY CATFISH on the river.It will reduce all harvests to only 1 fish over 34 inches for all anglers including the commercial fisherman.JB WELD you may wanna step in and make some waves on this.It’s headed to the same place our duck hunting went for a FEW DOLLARS MORE.Our commercial fisherman have been harvesting big catfish outta the river for decades and I certainly don’t feel like they have hurt the TROPHY fish there at all.There’s many guides making lotsa money taking folks to the Mississippi to catch trophy catfish and it’s not really that hard to do.These guys making a living on fish outta that river are gonna suffer from this beat down.
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I’m curious where the number of “one fish” came from. I’m no catfish expert on the Mississippi but seems like you couldn’t hurt the numbers even on that length. Most of the big trophy guys that I’ve seen, release them back so I guess most likely that’s where it’s coming from also.
I don’t know how it would affect commercial fishermen honestly so I couldn’t speak either way and I don’t think I would I support such a Reg until I knew and had input from those guys making a living off it. I guess one could look at these trophy catfish guides make the same living off the resource. So I guess there’s a balance plus this might be just simplifying the Regs for all 3 states they’re using the same water.
I like a good catfish , from the looks here I guess I’m missing out.
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