Colt Sporter Competition HBAR .223 ar-15 (never fired)

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  1. BigRon501

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    For $1550 I'll let this gun go. Must be a Concealed Carry Permit holder (so i know you've passed a background check and are not a felon). This gun has no attachments other than what came on the gun. I believe the barrel is a 1:9 twist. I can find out for serious buyers.

    The gun has truly never been fired. It has not been used, so it is not dinged up, scratched, or anything. I will include two magazines with some ammo with the gun. A gun dealer in MO looked at the gun about a month ago, looked it up in his dealer book, and told me retail with the carrying handle and the box (neither of which i have) would give the gun a value of $1875. He said $1550 would be a fair price to someone. I am not interested in trades. I do not NEED to sell the gun, so please, only serious offers.

    PM if you are seriously interested.
  2. BigRon501

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    forgot to say.... I'm in Bryant. Would have to meet me in front of the Bryant or Benton Police Dept. for any sale. Need a cashier's check as well.

  3. brushcreek

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    not being rude, but what is your reasoning with all the red tape on this sale? just curious.
  4. BigRon501

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    Concealed Carry Requirement: just too much liability involved if i sell it to someone and the gun is later used in some unfortunate accident.

    meeting at Police Dept: Don't want to get robbed for my gun

    Cashier's check or cash: Don't want to get ripped off

    I will also have the buyer sign a "Bill of Sale" saying what was purchased, the amount, the date, and the buyer and seller's names. It is all about protecting myself from any type of fraud or liability.
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  6. BigRon501

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    no prob :up:
  7. BigRon501

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    after reading the posts in the "Deer Hunting Section" on .223 hunting... I believe I'll just hang onto the gun and put a scope on it for my wife and son to use.

    Sorry for the brief advertisement...

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  8. Hill Farm Hunter

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    Just a footnote, while meeting at the PD for a sale is perfectly acceptable, please let someone there know what's going on before just whipping it out in the parking lot.
  9. BigRon501

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    yessir! I thought about that too. Especially these days... Thanks for the tip HFH! :thumb:
  10. gutpile

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    getting robbed for your gun would suck, but gunned down by bentons finest would suck worse! they can get excited