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  1. BIG JIM

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    I'll try that next time then. I've been having it done every three years since I turned 40.
  2. fullcredit

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    I was given a prescription for Prepopik for the "cleanout." It really wasn't bad at all, as far as having to drink it. It did it's job and I'm glad it wasn't the chalk dust junk! Best I remember, took a dose of it, then follow up with some clear liquids until the next dose. Not bad at all.

  3. Hungry Man

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    NE ark
    Guy's I have to do it real often,your Dr. can give you a script for pills that will do same thing. and much better than the drink.
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  4. Triple Threat

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    I use to laugh at the day of being an old man and always talking about my ailments. Mr Travis sang, “old men Sittn’ talkin’ about the weather.”
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  5. John Stiles

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    Had my first at age 66, they found nothing, that was 3 years ago, no problems after I left the hospital! Unless you call being high as a kite for the trip home!
  6. Ghost1

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    I’ve had a few. A bottle of miralax mixed in some Gatorade tastes way better than any of the prescribed stuff. Cleans me out just fine
  7. Luv2hunt

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    Y’all are making me a little nervous. I’ll be 50 this year. At what age will my sawbones be telling me to do this?
  8. Onetrakd

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    I been getting them since 12.
  9. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    That was the age my doc told me to get my first (and only so far) one.
  10. Luv2hunt

    Luv2hunt Well-Known Member

    Yikes. I almost hit the like button and then thought otherwise.
  11. Onetrakd

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    Ya not fun
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  12. JR1

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    Should be this year for you.
    I'm 42 but family history means I'll probably start at 45.
  13. Luv2hunt

    Luv2hunt Well-Known Member

    Thanks but I’m not going to hit the like button.
  14. Triple Threat

    Triple Threat Well-Known Member

    Its no big deal especially once you get on the bed and get gassed!
  15. oldnwahunter

    oldnwahunter Well-Known Member

    Nothing to it, except they told me to come back in a year. Then I get a letter telling me to come back in 3 months, they found some high grade something in a polyp That was 4 months ago. The nurse told me i needed to pass some gas, that it wouldn't smell. I told her mine never did.
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  16. marionfd728

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    Had one a couple years ago(46 now) after going and it was just blood!! Turned out to be 4 Ulcers!! My prep was bad like most,yucky stuff for sure but then that BIG GREASEY Wendy's burger sure hit the spot. I don't think my wife has driven that fast home since! Thankfully I do not have to go back for a long time.
  17. y hunt

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    All this whining from grown men. Just do like I did. Go to Harbor Freight and get a digital inspection camera for $74.99. Do it yourself and save a ton of money. Oh and don't forget to pick up a little lube while there. If you see anything abnormal then you can pay the doctor the big bucks.
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  18. reflex1

    reflex1 Well-Known Member

    Well my turn again next mont! Had one a year ago and they found a cancerous growth - operated and took it out - be on the safe side and check annually for awhile I guess!
  19. BIG JIM

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    I've always been told to start at 50 but thanks to my family history with stomach and colon cancer I got to start at 40.
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  20. curdog1

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    As long as it’s not for pleasure it’s ok....