Collecting Hornet Nest for display

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by ozark outdoorsman, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. ozark outdoorsman

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    So I've got a big hornet nest located and have bagged it and cut the limb down. Do I have to put this thing in the freezer or will everything be dead by spring? I just don't have any freezer space so I'm hoping I can just keep it bagged outside until spring.

  2. woodsnwater

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    There was a thread on here about this. I see if I can find it.

  3. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    I have gotten several out of trees over the years and never had a single hornet in any of them. I always heard war stories about them being full of hibernating hornets but that hasn't been my experience. I always get them in the cold part of the winter.
  4. Levi

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    I had a horror story with safe and spray WITH BUG KILLER or bug bomb the bag this winter and it will BE SAFE......:clap:
  5. Buck-Ridge

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    I was running up Black River one day when the water was really high in January. Temp in the mid 20's and we had had temps down in the teens that year. I saw 2 nests 1 big and 1 small connected to the same limb. I cut the motor and coasted up to the tree to cut them out and when the boat bumped the tree, Hornets started pouring out of it like summer time. I thought I was going to have to jump in the water.
  6. i have always wanted to get one, but they usually too high to reach or have quite a bit of damage.

    a little off subject, but is there any truth to the fact that if you shoot one full of hornets that they can pinpoint the gunshot from a significant distance, and then proceed to work you over?
  7. ozark outdoorsman

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  8. Buck-Ridge

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    I have shot them with shotguns before and they didn't chase me. Maybe I was lucky.
  9. AfterLife

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    bag it, bomb it, and seal it back up, and leave it sitting for while, all should be good.

    mine had about ten or so in it, i took them out, glued them to the outside like they were sittting on it, lol lol
  10. sounds cool, pictures please!
  11. ducksoup

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    I found one on the black as well years ago.. kept it outside and a coon or something tore it all up (i guess for the larve?) If you want to keep it, i would recomend not outside~bag and bomb sounds like the best plan...
  12. Levi

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    That is exactly what I did..........some folks almost hurt them selves when they see the bugs on it..........:clap::fit::fit:
  13. austincrutchfield

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    We have one out in the shop and wasps took it over and built one heck of a wasp nest in it:smack:
  14. headhunter_60

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    Put a couple of bug bombs in the bag and tie it up.
  15. skip1411

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    I found a huge one this morning but it's about 50' in a tree.
  16. Ozone

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    Once my neighbor borrowed my flatbed trailer, and didn't bring it back. I needed it and was REALLY irritated when I had to go get it. I had backed up to it and hooked on. There was a cardboard box in the middle of it. I was just about to kick the box skyward, when he drove up, grinning from ear to ear. Go ahead, etc.

    What was in it, I inquired? He gently opened the box, and in it was a beautiful nest FULL of hornets. If I'd have kicked it and then turned around, it would not have been good.
  17. beltcutter

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    My dad found one many winters ago and brought it home and put it in his shop. He was going to do some work that afternoon so he turned on the heater to warm it up. Them boys were bailing out of the nest pretty quick when my dad opened the shop door several hours later...:eek:

    Almost as bad as the time he was bitten by a chicken snake on the ear! :yikes: