Colder At The House

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by deltabowhunter, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. deltabowhunter

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    I know the concrete warms everything up, but I can't believe how much. It is consistently 4-12 degrees cooler at my house than in town (Pine Bluff). This morning it was 23 at my house and 31 here in town. It is usually closer to 8-10 degrees colder at my house in the winter and 3-5 degrees colder at my house in the summer. Just a random observation of mine. :biggrin:
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  3. deltabowhunter

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    It is fairly low because I am almost next to a creek bottom but I'm higher in elevation than Pine Bluff I think. I can see the temperature slowly rise on my truck as I drive to town.
  4. Hobbshunter

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    Could be the truck warming up?
  5. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    Weather nerds call it the "island effect".
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    No, I go off of other thermometers than just my truck. The truck is accurate. It is just crazy that concrete can keep things that warm.
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    Same thing where I live. We are only about 2 miles from the Missouri line and we had 10 degrees on our thermometer this morning. We are 15 miles northwest of Pocahontas and are usually 10 degrees colder than what they have. When we get a mile or so down the highway from our house the temp starts going up! Our place is in a hole more or less, in a creek bottom right where the creek joins a watershed lake. There is a ridge to our north and south. You can't ever tell for sure which way the winds blowing because of how it swirls around these ridges. Anyway, it's crazy how low the temps drop in this hole!
  8. Hill Farm Hunter

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    The cold air settles in those low spots. Same thing at the farm. If I ride the ATV I can feel it getting cooler as I come down the hill to the house.
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    get frost eariler in fall and later in spring too
  10. Temp just varies from urban vs. suburban / rural areas. Generally colder in winter, slightly cooler in summer in non-city areas. Lots of variables.
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    Mine is colder also in rural than in town. 5-10 degrees, especially on clear nights, not much difference when cloudy.
  12. deltabowhunter

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    Those cool spots sure are nice when you're riding your four wheeler in the summer!
  13. It vary greatly in a short distance. Hot Springs has posted 40+ degrees before and we, at 17+ miles had frozen water outside.

    Official temps are like official unemployment percentages.