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Let him pick which stand he wanted to finish out the season on, and he made a good choice. :thumb: Had this big doe and a fawn come out to the feeder, and he smoked her at about 25 yards. Hit her a little far back, but she left a good blood trail. She weighed 122lbs. :up: That's the biggest doe I've weighed all year. Oh yeah... I got the kill shot on video. :biggrin: No fancy editing, and the footage was a little shaky at times because I was videoing with one hand and trying to get my backpack to where Colby could sit on it to see better. The deer was so close, he couldn't get on it just sitting in the chair without being in an awkward position. We've had a fun season hunting together, and this is his fourth deer of the year.

Video is 5 minutes, but the shot is around the 4:30 mark.

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