CNN Opinion - Bobby Petrino

Discussion in 'Sports' started by bayman1975, Dec 14, 2012.

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    The 2nd to last paragraph sounds like ASU's last two coaches.

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    Wonder what would happen if, say, the President of the U.S. had an affair and then lied to Congress about it?

    Decide what you want -- a role model or a winning coach? Learn morals at home, how to play football on the field.
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    NE Ark
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    Exactly, Mr. C. The Petrino deal reminds me of the old story of the snake and the rabbit.

    Rabbit and snake were on the bank of a swift, deep river, both wanted to cross. Rabbit could swim, but snake could not. Snake begged rabbit to allow him to ride across on his back. Rabbit said no, right in the middle of the river, snake would bite him, he'd die and both would sink. Snake promised him otherwise, so rabbit decided to chance it. Right in the middle of the river, snake bit the rabbit. As rabbit started to die and sink, he asked snake "why?" Snake's answer? "Hey. You knew I was a snake when you let me get on your back."
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    Slick Willie didn't break a law by having the affair. He broke the law by lying under oath about it.

    That was perjury and you or I would have faced up to 5 years in the pen for it.

    Slick Willie should have been held accountable, but Congress (both sides) let him off the hook.

    That was wrong.

    I don't think Coach BP wouldn't have been fired for the affair if he hadn't lied to his boss about it, but we will never know because that's what he did.

    Bottom line is the private world does not have to go by the same silly spin congress uses on Impeachment, they can do what is right and what is legal.

    Look at it this way...If CBP had gone to the Arkansas Employment Commission looking for unemployment comp, they would make him wait 8 weeks because he was fired for cause.

    No slime ball labor lawyer could sue UA because it was a righteous termination.

    It shows how far some folks have fallen to propose that a winning coach makes it OK to intentionally break critical rules (that got him fired) then lie about it, AND that it's an either
    /or decision....either a role model OR a winner...that we can't have both.
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    It's still hard to get around the fact that he hired his mistress for a job before others that were more qualified.
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    Yes, they did. We played pitiful the second half. But, we went on to win 7 straight games, most weren't even close, and the conference championship, and Western fell to 4th after several disappointing losses. But, they're going to a bowl game, and that's cool.
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    he will destroy asu this next year. i wished they played arkansas were he could stomp them to. hes a great coach. tennessee or auburn was stupid not to hire him.