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  1. So I'm stuck in a hotel room in Tennessee with a crappy selection of TV channels. So naturally I'm channel surfing every 5 mins. I came across this Piers Morgan on CNN, boy what an idiot. He has a show on right now called Guns in America, live audience and call ins. Man if law abiding gun owners don't make a good stand its going be a long road to hoe. These people are very ignorant about guns and the uses for them. I bet 99.9999% of the audience has never held a gun. It was so bad I turned it off after about 5 mins cause my blood was boiling. A pro-gun interview did it for me. The guy couldn't get a word in edge wise and when he made a valid point 100% true facts and this Morgan guy called him an "unbelievably stupid man". He called a guy that last night too. I really hope the NRA has a good rebuttal cause this is getting bad. If your not a liberal in this day and time you don't exist and they think you shouldn't have a say. Ok rant is over I'll go back to channel surfing minus news channels.
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    He's nothing but a loud mouthed Limey that needs to go back home if he thinks America is so bad.

    Sounds like the typical CNN libitards.