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Consolidating to one 3 watch winder, I have a couple of things I am not using: first a Wolf 2-watch winder and second a Wolf watch storage box. Since people pay $1200 for 2-watch winders - this is a great option.

Purchased new from Sissys several years ago.

$200 for both. This is about half of what I paid for both.

i have misplaced the key of the Wolf storage box and you can see the vinyl has wear or a few spots where missing. The winder is variable controlled for direction of rotation.

I am posting here before moving these to the Rolex forum.

Second Apple 16” MB Pro:

MacBook Pro i9 2.3GHz 16" (Late 2019) 1TB SSD

I replace my computers every few years when AppleCare expires. I use this daily. It has 1TB flash memory.

I paid $3,359.94 on Nov. 2019 w AppleCare. It works perfectly. The outer body has light normal usage scratches. I carry it if outside the office, so I may work, whether waiting at an appointment, in court, or wherever I am. It works flawlessly and holds its charge well for the day. My charger is included of course and I will include my Thule case I bought separately.

There is nothing wrong with it

I will wipe it clean to remove case files And my paid office, outlook, and word programs, etc.

$1000 cash firm.

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Rectangle Luggage and bags Office equipment Gas Gadget

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