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Closed moving pistol to national board which has exclusive posting rules

Changing post from WTS to WTT - unable to move post to WTT section but maybe moderator may — WTT for only the following: Benelli hunting or defense configurations, Colt ARs (the older the better), or Sig 226 9mm with either adding cash as needed:

Resizing to 9mm selling an Sig P220 from the time when German frames were used .45acp with SRT high visibility front sight Custom work to original serrated grips gold coated bbl with 1 Mec Gar Stainless 8 round mag, 1 polymer OWB holster, & box valuing gun conservatively at $850 to $1000

Valuing the below very conservatively as follows/

1) Mags: Sig early Mags $30 each and stainless 8 round mags $40 each; 1 10-round non marked mag $40

2) Ammo:
I have about 8 boxes of new production Federal Hydrashok Deep ammo valuing for .80 to $1.20 a round to the trader of this gun only, as it sells for
double this lower amount normally.

I also have some .45 acp FMJ.

I am in Mayflower and have a CHL

FTF in Mayflower


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