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Closed Moved Sig P220 .45acp old school two dot xtra mags holsters avble

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Closed Moved

This Sig P220 .45acp pistol was obtained for me from a police agency trade; the slide is an earlier slide with the great 2 dot and I am including 1 Sig 8 round stainless mag as it came to me with only 1 but am adding a 10 round mag.

This is an earlier slide to lower apparently by police armorer No box or manual.

Some trades as Benellis or Rem 870s hunting configurations or defense are fine with either adding cash as needed.

I have xtra stainless mags $40 each and high quality holsters RGrizzle IWB $100 (normally months wait) - - and Galco Miami Classic w 2 off side carriers $200. Holsters are RH and mint.

I have available Federal new production Hydra Shok "Deep" $20 a box.

We can use gravel or dirt, spread, or wood fence repair too.

Must show CHL unless you are a longtime member and if so Ark DL is fine. This is on the FFL in my name so I am picky!


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