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Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by emerson, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. emerson

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    First time I used them, when I getting in or out of the stand a lots of noise ( pops sqeaks etc. ) are they all like this ? The tree I in is small might have some thing to it. Allway use screw in steps before this , but wanted to hunt AGFC land.
  2. bowed up

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    I have used the Lone Wolf sticks and never an issue with noise. Also have used rapid rails and they are OK, but seem to make hnoise scrapping on the tree bark.

  3. tjp1027

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    Not any noise on mine. Got them from walmart. If tight I don't even know what could be making noise.
  4. dhueydxt

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    Fill them full of exspansion foam..
  5. dogdoc

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    Several factors play a role in the squeek. First off some sticks squeek where the sticks join. Those are hard to stop in my experience. The 2nd place they squeek is where they touch the tree. I've found that denser wood trees (Hickory for example) squeek more.

    Name of the game is security. The tighter it is to the tree the less likely it is to squeek. Make sure you're using ratchet straps which will be much tighter than the pull through straps that come on most sticks. I realize that you're hunting public land so that is about the best you can do.

    I hunt my own private land and use lots of sticks. I drill pilot holes in the metal "wings" that touch the tree. Total of 6 - 1/4" holes for a 3 piece stick set. Then some heavy duty 3" wood screws into the tree after the straps have been tightened. No more squeek for me. I've even thought about removing the straps after placing the screws... But don't trust my screws that much.

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  6. I get noise from mine. I got the cheap sticks from Sportman's Guide and they give some squeaking. For what they are and the price I ain't complaining.
  7. emerson

    emerson Well-Known Member

    Well that might be the answer ,mine was a gift and I think that they came from Stortman's too . But I can replace the pull straps with ratchet straps and see if that helps . Thanks to all of you for your help.
  8. NaturalStateNative

    NaturalStateNative Well-Known Member

    My sticks from walmart rattle at the joints pretty bad until strapped on the tree, but no squeak if they are strapped tight. My summit bucksteps will squeak pretty bad if not good and tight. The summit steps also kill your hands if it's cold and you arent wearing gloves...