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Climbing stand

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I'm looking a lightweight bottom half of a climbing stand. I'm going to use it as a dog stand in the timber. Not looking to spend a fortune but let me know if you have an old one layin around somewhere. Shoot me a PM.

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duckhunter87, did John get ya fixed up? If not I'll have to see if I can find it but I've got a lower half of an old wally world stand my stepdad gave me that just never worked out.
I gotta older loggy bayou complete stand that i would part with for pretty cheap pm me if your interested.
Camera is down...well not download cord has been kidnapped....just so you'll know; it's aluminum...I have the top and's a Baker! I'll try to find some pics I took earlier.
Aluminum is good. I would prefer it actually. I'm not trying to tote a 30 pound dog stand in the woods with me
I think this one may weigh about as much as an old browning humpback! I have a picture on my camera but my son swiped my download cord. If you know anyone that goes this way on cleanup/foodplot details just have them stop and I'll hand it off to them.
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