clash of the Ozarks

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  1. schaps72

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    Just seen a release on a new tv show dealing with a hatfeild mccoy type feud thats been going on for decades in Hardy. It names the Russell clan (crowbar&jason) and the Evanes clan. It also is going to highlight some locals like a man who doesnt wear shoes and lives year round in a tent and a gun toting granny. It starts Feb 25th on Discovery im gonna check it out.
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    Ive never heard of the feud. Ive spent lots of summers up at the river and local lakes. I also got across the low water bridge at riverbend park and the water came up and we couldnt get back out and ended up finding a way out and during our journey found a house made of tin and tarps. So im not surprised they found a guy that doesnt own shoes. Just hope it doesnt paint all Arkansans as shoeless hillbillys.

  3. arits74

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    As long as they ain't digging for 'sang' we can't look too bad,lol
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    Nobody up here has heard of the feud. They should have called this one Ozark Outlaws cause they sure seem to have a lot of outlaws in it.
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    Its made up! All fake! Just like the rest of that mess. I figure we woulda heard of Crowbar getting arrestesd on KAIT if it were true.
  6. [ame][/ame]

    What a load of crap..:smack:
  7. schaps72

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    Yep load of crap.
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    Looks like another show with manufactured drama that'll make us look like booger pickin knuckle draggers...
  9. limbhanger

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    That is a relief. I was afraid that we would be misrepresented.
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    Best angler in the state lol. I bet I never see a second episode but city folk will prolly love it.

  12. That is hitting a little too close to home Shady! I think my wife calls me something along those lines every once in a while....:biggrin:
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    Thats Tommy Garner as the Preacher...don 't know what to think...
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  17. schaps72

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    If he preaches how he writes in the Jonesboro Sun it'll be descriptive to say the least.
  18. UCNE

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    He is far from being a Preacher.....LOL.....he will do anything for Money though(unless it requires work and sweat)......
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    Didn't know they had gators in Hardy. I call BS
  20. Stoo

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    I saw a video of them predator hunting somewhere. This looks contrived.