Civil war relatives?

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    Only one Woodson in there. Im kin to him.
    I am related to Robert E. Lee on my mom's side. (Woodson was kin to Lee's)

  2. I found that site many years ago and came across William Bearden. He is in my family history book I have and thought that was cool.
    He was a POW. I went and found his grave after I learned He was a relative.
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    Are you still a Bearden in name?
  4. 100%:thumb:
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    My brother really got into the genealogy thing. He went to the national archives and got copies of the actual enlistment papers for each of the 7 relatives who fought in the CW. They show the date enlisted, the unit they were in and what their job was. You can then go to history sites on the net for each unit and read just about everything they did throughout the war.

    All were from Alabama, 4 fought for the union, and 3 for the confederacy.

    Ever hear of the Free State of Winston? Winston county tried to seceed from the state of Alabama at the start of the war.
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    That's not a complete g-grandfather fought at the battle of Jenkins Ferry....that's where he died....:confused:
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    Same here. My GG Grandfather commanded the unit that moved the capital from LR to Hot Springs. P.O.W. Also won the Confederate Battle Cross. Daughters of the Confederacy replaced his headstone with a huge monument.
  9. William Lackey, kin to GG GF Noble Riley Lackey most likely on these rolls, one Jennings - not sure.

    John Moore ( GG GF) fought for Alabama and was wounded/captured, went to Fed prison camp for a couple of years.
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    Pretty nice!
    Out of 50 people with my last name, 48 fought for the South.
  11. Cool site. I did a little research a few years ago and I discovered that my
    GGGfather Thomas was from AL. Got shot in some battle protecting the South from the Yankee invaders and their war criminal president, got sent to some little field hospital around Monticello, lost his leg, met the future Mrs. Thomas, went back to fight for the South as a wagon driver, and when the war was over, he came back to Arkansas and married GGGmother and they settled around some little place outside of between Monticello and Star City, some little place called something Bluff.

    If I remember right GGGMother was a Calhoun.

    Anybody know the name of the little place? Been there a couple of times in the last 20 years. There's a church there on the Hwy and a Cemetery behind the church.
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    Relfs Bluff

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    there are quite a few Mills that were not listed
  14. Thats a great site thanks:thumb:
  15. That's it. Anyone else from around that area???