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cip Copper's first tree!

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Okay guys, if I did something wrong feel free to straighten me out.

I've been taking him out on the farm and working the woods with him. He will range out 150yds or so and on several occasions he will bark treed but before I get to him he will go quiet. So I don't know if he really treed or what. A couple of times he would be scenting up trees when I got there but no squirrel.

So this afternoon my oldest daughter and I took him out. Didn't hardly see a squirrel but all of the sudden he took off over the hill like he saw something. When we got up there he was sniffing around but kept going back to the same hickory and he would stand on his back legs and sniff up the tree. He wasnt sure where it was. I walked over under the tree and sure enough, there was a grey in the top of it. I didn't want to shoot it out unless he barked treed and I could tell he couldn't see it so I shot the limb under it to make it timber. It worked and he saw it and started barking. He followed under it but reared up on the tree next to the tree that held the grey. I kept encouraging him until he barked while reared up on the tree (though it was the wrong one) and I shot it out for him. I let him get a good taste of it then took it from him. We kept hunting but we never saw another one. Gonna take him to the lease near Donaldson in the morning. Hope does better tomorrow. I'm proud of him.
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Good job!! Should be up hill for him from now on.. Keep takin him! How old is he?
He will be 14 months old on the 9th of January.
I think you are doing a good job especially by not shooting the squirrels until he barks. Keep up the good work and I will be looking for more tailgates pics!
I bet that little episode did him more good than you know. Thats the kind of experience a young dog needs. Good work!
Well, I think you have absolutely ruined your dog. He now needs to be culled!! Now in that I am such a fine, Christian man, I will be happy to take him off your hands for free! Seriously, that is how it needs to be done. Now then, take him out every chance you have, even if its for just a few minutes at a time. In other words...HUNT THE HAIR OFF HIM!!!!!. I bet he will make you one fine dog, and create some most blessed family times afield with your kids, which is what squirrel hunting with a dog is really all about. The dog is definifately on its way. Good Job!!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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