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Christmas Trapper Poem

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Twas' the day afore Christmas
and all through the slough
sets were being made in hopes of many plews
Footholds were set and each well blended
dirt-holes baited to lure the intended
Choke-points on trails were chosen with care
as were anchors and supports wires for the hanging of snares
Coni-boxes were set and baited by noon
so each would by morning may hold a big coon
The creek-banks were scouted and drowners made to sink
and more sets well baited to catch a sneaky mink
and so the steel is laid and post urine soaked
sure would be nice to catch ole Wiley coyote
So now off to home, some supper and bed
and wishes that the morrow will fill the fur shed
But let us not close without proper adieu
Merry Christmas and Good Luck
To everyone one of You

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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