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Christmas Goose....the story

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The family wanted a Christmas goose and had put in their request in October, so I felt obligated to oblige. Not being a "professional" goose hunter and only having access to flooded green timber, I felt at a disadvantage. Not backing up from a challenge, I set forth on a quest to kill "The Christmas Goose". I started back at the first of November trying to locate a flock and managed to do so in a matter of a few weeks. I asked permission to hunt them when season opened, and the owners said they did not allow anyone to hunt the sewer ponds, so I was crestfallen and thought my quest for "The Christmas Goose" was to go for naught. After a week of depression, I again set out on my quest. I noticed that the flock of geese would often (depending on the weather) fly across the flooded green timber that I had permission to hunt. A couple more weeks of scouting this flock of geese, I had them patterned to the point I knew what the wind, temperature, clouds, moon phase, and water level needed to be for them to fly across my hunting area. Today, I knew the conditions would be right. I had my cutdown keyhole goose flute that had been tuned by the best in the business, I had my fast boat that I knew no one could beat to the hole, I had my trusty 10 gauge loaded with 3 1/2 inch T's and most of all I had my confidence that this would be the day to bag "The Christmas Goose". At approximatley 7 am I heard the geese lift off the sewer pond and with confidence I had gained from scouting, I immediatley began to call with the cutdown, keyhole goose flute. I could hear them getting closer and closer and the geese began their glide into the 4 Canada decoys I had set up in a horseshoe pattern, like I had read in the book "Goose Hunting for Dummies". When they started to get close I noticed a neck band on the first goose and so had him pegged for the first shot. After a few well timed and great sounding moans and clucks, the geese passed over at about 90 yards and I chose to take the shot. My first broke a wing on the neck banded goose and the third broke a wing on a second goose. I suspect the second bullet was a blank since it hit nothing. After expending the rest of the box of shells chasing the 2 cripples through the timber, I finally had both geese in the boat. As it turns out the neck band was nothing more that a piece of toilet paper no doubt picket up from the sewer pond they were roosting on, but who cares. I had my trophies. Not only 1 "Christmas Goose", but 2 "Christmas Geese".

Merry Christmas everyone.
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Are u sure that was a band not a scarf for when the temp drops.
im tryin to figure out how that goose kept that tp scarf dry through the sewer pond, and crash landing in the water not to mention the ensuing chase to keep from dying you may have killed the only genius goose on the planet:smack::skeptical:
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